Swechcha Rai

Core Skills

Reflection, Self-Exploration, Queer Affirmative Therapy

Facilitator for


Swechcha has a strong foundation in the humanistic and experiential lens. She cares greatly about the richness of people’s inner worlds and experiences great joy and humility when entrusted with the task of exploring them. She believes in the power of community, connection, and above all, authenticity.

Swechcha sees mental health as something that cannot be removed from its systemic and social context, and seeks to create a space where clients can show up wholly, without any compromise.

She is currently undergoing training in trauma-informed practices. Her approach is person- and process-oriented, non-pathologising, and intersectional.

Academic Background
Master’s degree in Psychology from Banaras Hindu University, Bachelor’s in Social Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Tuljapur

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