Shreya Banerjee

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Shreya Banerjee has worked as a psychotherapist and a communication skills trainer for a year during her masters. She believes that mental health has systemic, biological, interpersonal and social aspects which need to be addressed holistically. Her greatest strength she says lies in her empathic and sociological curiosity about how the life of a client is impacted by their distress and their strengths. She believes in the importance of the therapeutic relationship as a secure base for healing. She is a trauma sensitive, Queer friendly and multiculturally informed professional. In her work she has dealt with a range of anxiety and depressive disorders as well as personality disturbances. She uses an eclectic mix of methods ranging from process analysis, DBT, EFT and IFS with elements of body work. She holds a masters of sciences degree in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. She also has a level 1 certification on Suicide prevetion Gatekeeper training. She has been working as a therapist for almost 2 years in various capacities.

Academic Background
Masters in clinical psychology from Christ University. Trained in trauma sensitive practices and multicultural counseling skills.
Msc Clinical Psychology

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