Sejal Dewangan

Core Skills

Nurturance, strengths-based approach applying culturally aware and social justice lens.

Facilitator for


Sejal (she/her) is a Psychologist & a Mental Health Counsellor passionate about working for the well-being of people and holds strong ground for mental health advocacy.

She has experience in diverse fields like volunteering work, teaching in government schools, and working in the corporate sector in the HR and Recruitment vertical. She has learned about the Sociology of Gender equipping her to understand the impact of systemic issues on the LGBTQ+ community making her approach queer-friendly.

An academic exposure to Industrial & Organisational Psychology and papers on Marketing and HR have equipped her to understand the concerns of the corporate sector and provide interventions unique to the client’s needs. She has also received training in existential-humanistic therapy from Mindlogs Psychological Services.

Her experience in community mental health has helped her explore trauma work and dive deeper into adversities experienced by marginalised communities making her trauma-sensitive and culturally aware. She also works on establishing a system for providing mental health care for an NGO catering to young adults and contributes to the field by helping professionals build their new-age mental health start-ups.

At the core of her work, lies nurturance and a strengths-based approach to help individuals feel accepted and empowered to navigate concerns of varying degrees. Her work is relational and insight-oriented and she follows person-centred therapy applying an emotion-focused and social justice lens. She also borrows from other therapeutic modalities like CBT and DBT.

Academic Background
BA in Psychology, Sociology and Economics MSc in Psychology (specialisation in Clinical Psychology)

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