Sanjoni Sethi

Core Skills

EMDR Therapy, Psychological Testing, Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy, Self-Work and Wellbeing, Stress Management

Facilitator for

Single Session
Three Sessions
Five Sessions



Sanjoni is a RCI registered clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with 6 years of experience overall.

Sanjoni is curious about human sensitivity and sees honesty as a strength in herself and in her patients. She believes in creating a transparent connection with her patients to attend to their inner needs, early childhood experiences/attachment and present relationship styles. Sanjoni has supported her clients/patients to work with difficult emotional feelings, family disagreements, relationship /work stress and self-esteem concerns.  She believes what is beyond books can be found when a connection is formed with people to make them feel supported and not alone. Sanjoni uses an integrative therapy approach carefully blending trauma care with psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy, EMDR therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and parts work. She continues to be a part of personal psychotherapy and supervision for the welfare of her clients/patients and self.

As a clinical psychologist, Sanjoni is trained to perform psychological assessments with children, adolescents and adults. She is skilled to perform IQ/DQ/ Neurodevelopmental testing, personality and behavioural assessments. Her M.Phil training equipped her with strong foundations to conduct assessments and provide diagnostic impressions for patients experiencing depression, anxiety, OCD, postpartum depression, autism, ADHD etc.

She is a professional life member of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP) and International Affiliate, American Psychological Association.

Academic Background
M.Phil Clinical Psychology (Gold Medallist), Amity Institute of Clinical Psychology, Amity University | M.Sc Clinical Psychology, Christ University, Bengaluru | B.A Psychology (H), Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University
M.Phil Clinical Psychology, Amity Institute of Clinical Psychology, Amity University | EMDR Basic Training, EMDR Association, India
Rehabilitation Council of India | EMDR ASIA/EMDR India

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