Neha Vineesh

Core Skills

Trauma Sensitive, Queer friendly

Single Session
Three Sessions
Five Sessions



Neha (she/her) employs a strength-based approach to facilitate growth and a greater sense of purpose. She works with you to build your resources and focus on your strengths while helping you deal with unique challenges in your environment. Her ultimate aim is to guide you towards realizing your full potential through increased self-awareness, make you self-reliant and empower you to lead a truly fulfilling life.

She borrows from various therapeutic modalities such as IFS, DBT, and person-centred therapy. Her practice is intuitive and process-oriented. She is queer-friendly and trauma-sensitive and believes in creating interventions that are made just for you.

She views therapy as a shared journey as you work together to navigate life’s turmoils. She works with adolescents and young adults (15 – 35 years) and has experience in dealing with concerns such as neglect, grief, depression, suicidal ideation, relationship concerns, goal setting and self-improvement.

Academic Background
Master of Science in Psychology (with specialization in Clinical Psychology) from Bangalore University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature from Bangalore University, SFBT – Intensive training in Solution Focused Brief Therapy from the Academy for Solution Focused Approaches and Research (ASFAR).
MSc Psychology

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