Chandrima Das

Core Skills

Psychotherapy, Positive Mental Health and Well-Being

Single Session
Three Sessions
Five Sessions



Chandrima is a counseling psychologist who adopts an eclectic approach, tailoring it to each individual’s unique needs in her work with clients. Her primary focus is on supporting her clients in their journey  towards personal growth and healing. She has successfully assisted individuals facing a wide range of emotional challenges, including anxiety, depression, work and academic stress, navigating interpersonal conflicts, relationship issues, and self-improvement.

Her main objective is to empower her clients to reach their full potential by helping them tap into their inner strengths. She believes that every individual is an expert in their own life and sometimes a nudge in the right direction is all that one needs to power through difficult times. With a client-centered therapeutic approach, Chandrima prioritises understanding each individual as a unique person rather than defining them solely through any potential disorders. She adopts an approach that avoids labelling or stigmatising her clients, instead, taking the time to form connections with them to enhance their progress and well being, keeping in mind the context that they are positioned in.

Chandrima likes to spend her “me time” listening to music, making art, reading books, watching crime shows and thriller movies and exploring new and exciting things. One of her intellectual pursuits involves reading and learning about the philosophy of existentialism. Besides this, she enjoys listening to people’s stories over a flavourful cup of tea and her inquisitiveness comes in handy here.

Academic Background
Masters in Applied Psychology (with specialization in Clinical and Counseling Practice), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai • Bachelors (honors) in Psychology- Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi, New Delhi
Masters in Applied Psychology

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