Ashwani Kumar Anand

Core Skills

12-Step Facilitation Therapy and CBT

Facilitator for

Single Session
Three Sessions
Five Sessions



Ashwani, as a Peer Recovery Coach and Mentor, focuses on instilling hope and modelling recovery through his personal, lived experience of addiction and recovery to help people achieve sustained recovery.

Ashwani facilitates a process of change through which individuals with substance use disorder can improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. Ashwani has been in recovery since 1992, when he overcame his illness, regained health and social function, and let those positive changes and values become part of a voluntarily adopted lifestyle.

Ashwani’s recovery has allowed him to successfully complete 44 years in the maritime industry, including a 32 years sailing career that included 16 competent years in command as a Captain of oil tanker ships and another 16 accomplished years in the corporate world working in Ship Management before returning to India. Reaching out for help and the support of mutual aid groups gave Ashwani a second chance to participate in his own life.

He fervently believes lives can be transformed by altered attitudes and lifestyle choices and knows that anyone can reclaim their life to become responsible and productive members of society.

Passionate about music, Ashwani possesses a comprehensive music collection and a deep interest in albums, bands, musicians and songs. He enjoys watching the best in film and performing arts with great admiration and appreciation for the artists, actors and filmmakers. Also an avid reader of fiction, espionage & spy thrillers, spiritual classics, self help, philosophy, psychology, religion and politics

Academic Background
1. Completed Senior Cambridge 1972 2. Completed Master Mariners/Captain in Shipping 1981
Peer Recovery Coach
23 years of substance abuse and 30 years of recovery and sobriety

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