Therapist Tribe

A supportive community of 500+ early stage therapists for learning, growth, and connection.

A Transformative 5 Month Training and Supervision Program

Next batch starts on 5th June at 5.30pm

70 hours of intensive training

5 Jun – 28  Aug 2024

Wed – Fri: 17:30 – 19:30 


Develop Therapeutic Skills

Immerse yourself in hands-on training and develop skills that will empower you to confidently navigate the nuances of being a therapist.


Strengthen Your Therapist Mindset

Build a mindset crucial for creating a difference and connect more deeply with your clients.


Learn Intervention Techniques

Dive deep into various therapies, gain comprehensive skills to adeptly address a broad spectrum of mental health challenges.


Build your Therapist Toolkit

Gain valuable resources to better support and guide your clients on their unique journeys.


Client Interaction

Engage directly with clients and apply your knowledge to help clients deal with their unique challenges.

30 hours of peer learning and supervision

15 Sep – 10 Nov 2024

Alternate Sundays:
10:00 – 12:00


Develop Therapeutic Skills

Immerse yourself in hands-on training and develop skills that will empower you to confidently navigate the nuances of being a therapist.


Case Conceptualisation

Learn to assess, understand, and create treatment plans that are personalized for each client. Every case holds a story, every client a path.


Tailored Supervision

Receive personalized guidance and support from seasoned therapists who prioritize your growth and encourage self-reflection.


Enhanced Professional Growth

Refine your skills and open doors to new opportunities and elevate your career.


Continued Development

The learning never stops. Join a vibrant community dedicated to your continuous growth. 

Training Modules

At Therapists Tribe, we believe in more than just theory, we believe in sharing and learning from experiences to make an impact in the real world. Our program is designed to empower you to make a difference in the lives of those you support, it is designed to make you a better therapist! The training modules include:

Thinking like a Therapist

This module aims to provide you with a solid foundation in therapeutic practice. Discover how to adopt a therapist's mindset and navigate the counselling process.

Contemporary Therapies in Counselling

This module offers an in-depth exploration of some therapeutic approaches. Broaden your understanding and practical skills, and equip yourself with valuable tools and techniques.

Challenges and Growth in Therapy

This module delves into the critical aspects of therapeutic practice. Learn to navigate challenges, and grow as a competent and resilient therapist.

Dealing with Specific Populations

This module helps you gain knowledge in addressing the unique needs of people. Develop a diverse skill set to provide support that is tailored, sensitive, and effective for specific demographic groups.

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Therapist Tribe Community

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Annual and Monthly Memberships

9509,500 Incl. GST

Therapist Tribe (PDP)

For Early Career Psychologists and Masters' students of Psychology

Group Discount on 3 or more participants.

12,000 Incl. GST


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