Therapist Tribe: Community

Where therapists come together to learn, build skills, and access support

A supportive community of therapists, meeting weekly throughout the year

Starts Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 5:00 pm

Virtual sessions every Tuesday

Starts 4 Jun 2024

17:00 – 18:30


Exchange Insights

Foster mutual growth and understanding through sharing experiences and ideas.


Develop Therapeutic Skills

Attend enriching sessions that help you build on your therapeutic skills, explore new approaches, and ensure continuous learning.


Build a Network

Interact with fellow therapists around the world and establish a network for support, guidance, and referrals.


Attend at Your Convenience

Receive monthly schedules and attend sessions according to your preference- attendance optional!

Training Modules

We believe that having companions in your journey makes the journey easier. The community focuses on continuous learning, exploration, and dialogue as means of growth. Broad session categories include

Peer Supervision

Reflect, share insights, and receive constructive feedback from fellow therapists to build your therapeutic skills.

Learning Circles

Attend case discussions and lectures by experts in the field, discuss innovation in mental health, and much more.

Reading Circles

Read one book a month along with the community, share insights, and enhance your critical thinking.

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Therapist Tribe Community

Where therapists come together to learn, build skills and access support

Annual and Monthly Memberships

9509,500 Incl. GST

Therapist Tribe (PDP)

For Early Career Psychologists and Masters' students of Psychology

Group Discount on 3 or more participants.

12,000 Incl. GST


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