Therapists at Reboot Wellness

Aaliya Sethi - Therapist at Reboot Wellness

Aaliya Sethi

Qualification: M.A Clinical Psychology

Core Skills: Psychotherapy and counselling

Ashwani Kumar Anand

Qualification: Peer Recovery Coach

Core Skills: 12-Step Facilitation Therapy and CBT

Astha Ahluwalia

Core Skills: Therapist and Mental Wellbeing Trainer

Chandrima Das

Qualification: Masters in Applied Psychology

Core Skills: Psychotherapy, Positive Mental Health and Well-Being

Malvika Dadoo Agarwal

Qualification: MA Psychology

Core Skills: Marriage and Family Therapist

Monal Biswal

Qualification: M.Phil Clinical Psychology, Amity Institue of Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Department of Clinical Psychology, Lucknow.

Core Skills: Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Psychological assessment.

Neha Vineesh

Qualification: MSc Psychology

Core Skills: Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing, Resilience-informed

Nilanjana Parijat

Qualification: M.A.

Core Skills: Depth-based inner work, Relational Counseling, Self-development work.

Ranjini Suryanarayanan

Qualification: MA Clinical Psychology, BA Applied Psychology Honours, PGDM - HR

Core Skills: Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching

Ruhika Gambhir

Qualification: Counselling Psychologist | Therapist

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