Neuropsychological Tests

BGT – Bender-Gestalt Test 

This assessment is used to evaluate visual-motor skills, visual-perceptual abilities, and potential neurological impairments with children aged 3 and older and adults. It helps in identifying deficits in motor-perception, developmental delays and learning disabilities.


NIMHANS Battery of Neuropsychological Assessments

This is a comprehensive set of tests used to assess various cognitive functions including attention, memory, language, visuospatial skills, and executive functioning across different age groups (16-68 years). It provides a detailed picture of a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and can be used to identify learning disabilities, attention disorders, or memory problems, assess brain functioning after an injury or illness, and track cognitive changes over time.


WMS – Wechsler Memory Scale 

This is a widely used neuropsychological assessment designed to measure various aspects of memory function in adults aged 16 to 90. It provides a detailed picture of an individual’s memory strengths and weaknesses. It assesses different memory domains such as Immediate auditory recall, Visual reproduction, Visuospatial memory, Working memory and Delayed recall and recognition.


PGIMS – Postgraduate Institute Memory Scale 

This is a memory assessment tool developed specifically for the Indian population. It can be helpful for understanding memory function in children and adults (20-45 years). It assesses various memory domains, including: Remote memory, Recent memory, Attention and concentration, Recall Recognition and Visual retention.

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